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mini Shelby


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So my little girl(3) has been eye balling a powerwheels cop car and the Disney princess Mustang at Toys r Us for a while. We finally decide to get her one and she chooses the Mustang so she can "match daddy". Now I can't just let her roll in any ole Mustang, so she had a little GTS conversion of her own! Hope you guys enjoy it.






She wanted the memorial sticker placed dead center of the hood, so we did





My plates say SHELBY6 due to my GTS being a V6, so her's reads SHLBY12 for the 12 volt battery under the hood!





A big thanks to my wife Amanda for getting the vinyl stickers done up for this "conversion".

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Thanks guys! She's my little angel. The wife and I were already discussing a power upgrade after she figures it out and gets good at it, lol, just no idea what to do, so that link is going to come in handy!

It's amazing how every kid in the neghboorhood came out to see her when she got it out. I guess no matter the size, people want to be your friend when you drive a Shelby!

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That is so cute (car and Daughter) - sure she will have a lot of fun with it. On a side note there is a new Camero that comes to all the local shows and he got his son a baby camero - the kid parks it next to the parents car and dresses up in a darth vader costume - every show I have seen them at they give the kid a trophy. Maybe your daughter can start her trophy collection :happy feet:

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Enjoy those young days. They grow up so fast. Something the cherish!



That is the truth! Seems like I was just building up my daughters powerwheels, and then overnight it seems, it was Jr. Dragster time already! It happens so fast! Enjoy all you can!!!!! I already feel like I missed enjoying those younger years from being so busy with work and life.



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