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  1. Does he know that or are you stalking him??? 😎
  2. Had issue with 315/35/20 MPSS, running a 305/25/20 now and did 189 MPH on a high speed run in Oct. I had read there was a side wall issue with certain sizes a few years ago.
  3. I have Redline struts on my 2019 GT350R. Had them on my 2016 GT350, removed them when it was traded and added to the 2019. Love them
  4. I'm in the bay also, my local dealer changes the oil in my 20017 GT500 and GT350. They have been good to me.
  5. Cups are soft and dont last, Have MPSS on rear and 4S on front of my GT500. They hold up pretty well.
  6. I live in Central Florida but go up to St Aug on occasion (sometimes even to visit Vnmsnk). Love driving my GT350
  7. I like the boot cover for my GT500, used it many times. different strokes for different folks
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