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  3. Update on my 2018. I now have about 14k miles on it, and still zero oil consumption. So far, so good. Still running a Motorcraft filter and Motorcraft oil.
  4. I live in Avon IN, just west of Indianapolis. New to the club. 2021 Shelby Super Snake F-150.
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  6. Want To Buy - Two 20X9.5" front wheels from a 2015/16 Shelby Super Snake....... Thanks, Robert
  7. I found another Terlingua dash plague. This one was on a car sold at Mecum https://www.mecum.com/lots/DA0919-383689/2007-ford-mustang-pro-touring/ 07TRT0030
  8. I would love for you to contact me and i can see what i can do about your issue. johne@shelby.com
  9. We had an issue with the database while trying to fix a payment processing issue. Both of these issues are resolved and memberships are working correctly
  10. Shelby American has announced the latest generation Shelby Ford F-150 Raptor, the most polished off-road truck ever offered by the company. The 525-horsepower truck is now available in limited quantities through official dealers nationwide. Read all about it at: https://www.shelby.com/multimedia/News/ArtMID/5059/ArticleID/95/Introducing-Shelby-Americans-Latest-Generation-Shelby-Raptor
  11. As far as jacking points go, I BOLTED on a Steeda jacking rail as to keep the pinch welds and subframes unmolested. For the rear the jack stands go in the differential, on the front I place the jack stands behind the wheels inboard where the, I think it would be called the k member, two big bolts that bolt the unit to the unibody. I also use hard rubber thingys on the jackstands. The jacking rail has a point midway to place your jack on so that the whole side of the car goes up.
  12. Thanks Dave. I did get a pic uploaded to my profile EXACTLY that way, but the ICON on all my posts is still just a big "S". But to appreciate the feedback regardless. Skip
  13. Same here been a member for many years this is 3rd number change looks like we may get a new number every year not a big deal just happy to have things back.
  14. I just learned today this forum is back and am so glad. I hate using Facebook and have probably missed a lot of news. I look forward to more activity here.
  15. I am not a new member, I have been a member for many years.
  16. I tried to renew my membership today, and when I click on the cart, it shows the cart is empty.
  17. Charlie: as of 4/16/2021 08SGT0081 is now living in Rockford IL. I'm thrilled to be in such a exclusive club my 07SGT1271 White brought a lot of pleasure and to get into the Shelby program. See you all at Shelby Fest.
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  19. Still waiting on last two year's memberships. Signed up as new owner in 2020 but never received anything. Paid for full membership Sept 7, 2020 and have yet to receive any mail, email, acknowledgement whatsoever. Emails to site must go to trash bin.
  20. A friend of mine had 56, It went to New Zealand
  21. I wonder if we will ever get a production breakdown
  22. Links are below if you want the full list with pictures. 2006 H https://www.facebook.com/groups/395316444905972/ 2007 H https://www.facebook.com/groups/2182230828624770/ 2007 SGT https://www.facebook.com/groups/2842403389307407/ 2008 SGT https://www.facebook.com/groups/1322332601459847/
  23. Hi, Vincent Location : France (near Paris) 07GT5650 Color : White - Manual Trans IMG-20211205-WA0001 by Vincent Vince, sur Flickr
  24. It is great to have an updated list for the GT-C's. I hope all of the current owners will review and let us know if we need to make revisions. Thank you from 08SGT0045. Also, thanks to everyone for bringing back the Shelby Forum!
  25. Hi All - The following is a list of all 215 of the 2008 Shelby GT-C's. We operate a Facebook group page (link below) for these rare group of cars. If you are a owner or are interested in these cars please contact us at the FB group or via email - 08shelbygtc@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/groups/174837806438436 Shelby CSM Build Seq Transm Ford VIN City - Last Known ST 08SGT0001 100 Not Used 08SGT0002
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