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  1. The places I’ve spoken with will not give me a quote to remove the stripes. Only offer their hourly rate and say it could be 16hrs it could be 40hrs and wouldn’t know until it’s finished. I had a local detailer, who does good work, quote me $500 to remove the stripes, which honestly sounded too good and made me skeptical as fear damage to the paint.
  2. Thanks. Agreed it’s the foam, not the adhesive Ford used. The Predator panels look great, but I really want to stay with a ‘like’ original panels. I located some vinyl that very closely matches the OEM which is no longer available through Ford. The material I found is the correct color and has the diamond shaped perforations, just slightly smaller. It would be terrific if someone would offer a quality, Predator like, panel that is already upholstered and can be easily installed by the shadetree types. Locating a reputable upholstery shop within an hour drive of me is challengi
  3. Searching threads on the door panels looking for info on pro repairs. I’ve been quoted between $150-$300 per door from various shops to have the panel reupholstered with new foam and vinyl. Andrew, I’m curious why your upholstery guy said there was no way his glue could to make them last? Was he only talking about re-glueing the OEM vinyl or was he stating it would work with any material?
  4. Will not paint a customer supplied part? That is an odd stipulation. Isn’t a vehicle and everything attached to it a ‘customer supplied’ part? Painting it gloss black yourself with the 2K aerosols I posted earlier and adding the matte vinyl would not be difficult. Although you may want to wait until it warms up unless you have a heated garage. Impressive that you were able to lay the hood stripes straight as a diy. I had my hood stripes redone three time when the scoop was replaced because the 1st ‘Pro’ the dealer highered couldn’t figure out why the stripes kept moving together as
  5. I had the rear quarter block offs done by a semi-professional. They look good, but I can tell the guy had water in his airlines. The gas cap cover I did myself using a 2K Spaymax Aerosal. Several places offer it. Can not recall exactly where I got. I started with a bare aluminum cover, scuffed, primed, paint, and clear. Finished with a wet sand and hand buff. Again, Not perfect but looks good. https://www.66autocolor.com/Auto-Spray-Paint-Spray-Max-2K-Aerosol-p/spm2k-custompaint.htm
  6. Looks terrific. You have given me the confidence to to tackle my own stripes, or at least the confidence to remove them. Painted my gas door as well. Along with the rear quarter block-offs.
  7. I was quoted $1300 to have the stripes removed by a professional automotive vinyl graphics guy local to me and $500 by a semi-professional detailer. Damaging the paint has been my greatest frear.
  8. Every time I’ve heard a ‘clunk’ from the rear of any vehicule it was always a drive shaft slip yoke that need to be cleaned and greased.
  9. What does it taste like? We need to fully understand this item to narrow down the possibilities.
  10. Wow man, I don’t think I had seen your SGT with the good and stripes until this evening. Looks terrific! My stripes have had it and I’ve been to a few shops attempting get estimates and noone will give a number to remove the old stripes. I’ve considered replacing the hood and rear deck lid with a Tiger Racing hood such as yours and CF deck that way I’m only worried about the stripes on the roof. I cannot seem to find the time to attempt striping the the stripes myself.
  11. The Fays is popular here for being a Shelby offering and is clearly well received by those that have it, but I’m curious if their are any opinions on other brands? Cortex, Griggs, Whiteline, etc. I know there is some difference between the way each locates the axle and how much can be adjusted. The Fays has has always seamed like an ‘odd-ball’ setup with how it clamps to the axle.
  12. Looks like you need to order two more corkscrews to keep up.....
  13. My SGT isn't show ready, and not likely to be by then. My stripes are fried. And definitely not track ready. But I would love hang out and meet some folks.
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