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Hello, I have a 2006 GT-H with 10k miles on it. It is an automatic but when I shift it manually 1st - 3rd I am experiencing some troubles. In first gear I can climb to desired RPM then shift and it will let me do the same in second gear. So no problems in first and second gear, however when I shift it into third gear the car will automatically shift at 2500 RPM. The car will not let the RPMs climb past 2500, it will shift automatically on its own (only happens in third). It hasnt thrown any codes and the dealer said that it is an automatic and should be driven in auto. Also, if it matters it shifts as it should in drive???? Any information would be greatly appreciated.



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That sounds pretty odd. Mine did not do that. Are you saying if you hold it in second it automatically shifts to third at 2500? Or when you have it in second at full throttle and put it up into third it shifts at 2500 without going higher? Either way, I would suggest you just get a good SCT tuner. It will really help improve your shifts. Also, I've drag raced mine a ton. Even when it was completely stock, it would be at least two tenths quicker just leaving it in drive and holding your foot to the floor. If you leave yours in drive at full throttle, does it still shift to third at 2500?

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Landscaper, i am a former ford/lincoln trans tech so this got me curious. Are you shifting in the manual ranges, and can you describe better how you are shifting? For example, you have it in manual 1st and take it to 3000 rpm, then shift to second up to 2700, etc.... With more detail i might be able to give you a better idea of what's going on.

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