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07 GT/SC conversion Kenne Bell/Whipple choice


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I have decided to send my car to Shelby in Las Vegas for a GT/SC conversion.  I was sold on doing the Whipple, but in the past few days started leaning toward the Kenne Bell because:

1) It produces less boost 8.5 in stock trim vs 10-11 for Whipple....I feel the Kenne Bell will be a little safer for the engine with less boost thus less power.  I am not one to seek huge Dyno numbers from a stock 4.6.

2) I like the fact that the Kenne Bell is about $1k less

3) I like the fact that the Kenne Bell says Shelby on it

Looking for people who have a Kenne Bell and if they are happy with it...what they like, don’t like etc..Seems like especially of late the Whipple is the charger of choice...

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49 minutes ago, nnadelizi said:

I had a KB on my GT/SC and it was flawless. Very happy with it! It was polished, looked awesome, sat lower in the engine bay and sounded awesome!



Glad to hear..I am getting the polished Kenne Bell...about the same power as the Whipple but with 2 pounds less boost.  Got to be kind to a stock bottom end.  I also like the fact that the Kenne Bell doesn’t look like a factory install like the Whipple.  

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I received my 2007 Shelby GT/SC back from Shelby a few weeks ago.  I went with the Kenne Bell polished, interior upgrade, cooling package and 3.73 gears.  My Shelby also had a Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft and Pypes muffler deletes prior to the GT/SC upgrade.  I am very happy with the car and how it performs.  Lots of power within the limits of a stock 4.6 3v.  The car was put on the Dyno at Shelby and put down 455hp/415tq.  I did the math and that equates to 535 at the motor.  That is with the stock Kenne Bell tune and 9 pounds of boost.





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1 hour ago, IASHELBYGT said:

Nice, looks great. Now enjoy it and drive it more.

I Have driven it about 3100 miles in 2 years.  I bought it as a “wrapper” car 2 years ago from a Shelby collector with 400 miles on it.  I also have a 2020 Mustang GT with a Roush Supercharger that was installed when the car was brand new.  I will drive that more than the Shelby.  The GT/SC is just a car I have always wanted and am glad I have one now.  

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