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  1. Hey mongoose where are you buddy 

  2. Hey Falcon, I just might have the solution for you on your dilemma on this rough part of town. All you have to do is call Arnold and Stallone and the rest of their rough neck group and you’ll be back in business and your problem solved, it’s really that easy!!! Sorry bud, the devil made me do it, I watch way to much TV.
  3. Hey Falcon, cool story! I’m thinking maybe you should go on a fun treasure hunt and search that car out, wouldn’t that be cool if it turned out to be the (Real Deal)!!
  4. Hey guys, lots of very cool cars in those pics and always nice to see our “Big Boy’s” collections with lots of memories attached too! I always try to keep all the boxes to my higher end cars and I display them both in and out of the box, like inside a curio cabinet or display case. I also have many Hot Wheels displayed in different scenes that are out of the box and were single car buys. But when it comes to Hot Wheel sets two or more their always kept in the box, that’s just my way of displaying them. I alway’s like to say “The difference Between Men & Boys Is the Price of their Toys’
  5. Hey Keefer, welcome back buddy! Yes the new GT500 is fairly hefty, but it goes like hell and it handles like it’s on rails and you really can’t get much better than that in my book, just saying!
  6. Hey Falcon, stuff like that is always cool to have and collect and it doesn’t take up hardly any space too, which is always a major factor when collecting. Very cool post card, plus the car is in “Red”!!! I think I have a pretty cool original art work piece that you would really like, I’ll try and post a pic of it in the next day or two. It’s one of my very early additions of a very early Cobra that the artist did and I bought it quite a few years back from the artist at a “Road America Race”.
  7. Hey Falcon, thanks for sharing those cool pics of your buddies drag car from back in the day. I love seeing all those mid-sixties drag cars that were campaigned all around the country. Those were the days, plus a hell of a good time too! The “Big Block Ford” squats, the front wheels come off the ground and it’s time to “Go Like Hell”!!! It seems like I’ve herd that phrase some-where before.. P.S. Great job on recreating your buddies drag car in your awesome model, I’m sure he was taken by surprise when you presented it to him..
  8. Hey Falcon, thanks for the info! Now how about a pic of your prize catch, maybe ? Always like seeing cool stuff from back in the day bud!
  9. Hey bud, that’s kind of funny, but I keep wondering who that guy is in the mirror looking back at me every morning??
  10. Hey bud, that display turned out really nice. Remember a few posts back I asked you what that Supercharger piece is made out of, well I’m still waiting for the answer or did it slip your mind??? I know we’re all getting older, if you know what I mean!!!!!
  11. Yes Sir, it’s a “Keeper” in my book!
  12. Hey bud, now that’s one “Awesome” looking ( Street or Track Terror) and that’s a real keeper in my book, just saying! P.S. Nicely done!
  13. Hey bud, that's a pretty cool book to have with all those technical drawings & pics, plus all the info on the new 2020 Shelby GT500. It really sounds like your completely sold on the GT500 and it’s the “Real Deal” more than the new C8 Corvette. Being you have owned and driven both of these two very cool new “Supercars” I’ll take your word and I value your opinion on what you said and rated them, just saying! But, as we all know, “Opinions” can vary greatly from one person to another, so will give it the benefit of time and see how it all shakes out in the wash!!!!
  14. Hey guy, the topic of Manual verses Auto has been around for a while now and yes “Opinions’ vary some, and yes the new auto is extremely fast shifting and will usually always beat the manual in the quarter mile. If being the absolute fastest out there is the game you’re looking for, the Auto is the one for you. To some of us guys who grew up back in the day driving a manual it’s very sad to see the “Manual’ gradually disappearing and a lot less in demand from some of these cool high-performance cars we have today. To us guys, who you might consider a “Purist”, there really is no comparison
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