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Vibration from rear end


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2010 gt500. Recently had gears changed from 355 to 411. Since then I have developed a vibration starting at about 65mph. It intensifies with speed. It feels like I would think a out of balance driveshaft might feel like. I changed the upper control arm, a little improvement . No sign of any weights missing from driveshaft. Any idea's? What could be the connection with new new gears. 

Thanks in advance. 

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Hey guy, just my two cents worth.  Have your drive-shaft re-balanced, it really doesn’t cost that much, and who knows for sure if it was dropped and is now out of balance. If that’s it , it’s a pretty cheap fix.    Any good machine service place should be able to do it.     Wish you good luck with your problem.                       :peelout:

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