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2019 GT350 Needs New Tire Package


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Hey Guys,

I bought a 2019 GT350 in July and the car is incredible however, the Pilot Sport Cup 2 tire package the new GT350's are coming with are really not suited for normal roads. I took the car to the track and I was glad to have the Cup 2's as the car was planted, but every other day, driving on NYS roads, the tires are gravel magnets. I have numerous chips all over my back quarter panels and just this weekend, I literally had a stone that left a 1 inch scratch and then stuck in the paint!

I can totally see why Ford would put these tires on the GT350R, but what are they thinking with the standard 350? You literally have to plan on buying new tires if you buy a 2019 or 2020 GT350. With that said, does anyone have any recommendations? I'm considering the super sports that came on previous models, but thought I'd see what you guys think.


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I would also recommend the clear bra material. Had it on my SGT across the front of the hood, and on rocker panels and it saved the paint. You can also try "rokblokz". They are small "rally" mudflaps and are available in several colors. They will affect your aero some but you can always remove them if you are doing track runs and then put them back on for daily driving.


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I appreciate the responses guys. I do plan to use clear bra on some parts of the car and I ended up installing the ZL1 addon's rock guards that seem to help quite a bit (link below). I'm going to see if the chip count increases much more with the rock guards, if so I'll switch tires next year. I must say, the cup 2's are pretty awesome though.. the car is planted in the corners.

Here is the video I made installing the rock guards. They don't come with rivets and the factory rivets don't fit once you add the thickness of the rock guard, so I had so search around a bit to find a rivet that would work. Thought I'd share to shortcut this for someone else that wanted try out these rock guards. So far, they are working very well and are very tight.



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