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USA Today Top 10 - Shelby Heritage Center


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WE NEED YOUR HELP!  We need to get into the Top 10 in this list.

Shelby American has made the preliminary list of USA Today’s annual “10 Best” list under the category for “Best Attraction For Car Lovers” –

We are currently number 12 out of 20 and there are only 12 days left to vote, so everyone go vote to get us onto the Top 10 list!   You can vote every day on every device. Please share the following link with your friends and relatives!



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folks, as mentioned in the original post above, you can vote every day and on multiple devices. I have voted 6 times already on notebook, cell and desktop.....update, Shelby is now #10 in the top 10 as of 11:44 am CST. keep voting............

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Voted as well. It's kinda my whole bucket list, except for Tesla and BMW. Lucky to have been to 6 of the 20 listed. Can't understand why Woodward, Pebble Beach, Goodwood, SEMA and MCACN aren't on there.

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Continuously voting daily as well. The sheer name recognition of Mecum and BJ is what gets them the easy clicks and they provide a broad range of vehicles that appeal to the general public as well as all car lovers.

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I just voted again. Have been voting daily on 3 different devices. Yes, a few hours ago The Shelby Heritage Center was still at #9. However as of noon today (EST) the Leader Board is now closed. They closed it for the next few days so that the top ten list will be a "surprise"..........keep voting!

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Well, unless I overlooked it, there was no follow up announcement within the Team Shelby Forums that I could see, so I went in and checked on the final rankings, The Shelby Heritage Center came in at Number 9 out of 10. "Good Job" to all those that voted and especially to those that voted often.  Here are the Top Ten :

The top 10 winners in the category Best Attraction for Car Lovers are as follows:

  1. Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auctions - Multiple Locations
  2. Mecum Auctions - Multiple Locations
  3. National Corvette Museum - Bowling Green, Ky.
  4. Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum - Philadelphia
  5. AACA Museum - Hershey, Penn.
  6. Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum - Auburn, Ind.
  7. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum - Indianapolis
  8. Revs Institute - Naples, Fla.
  9. The Shelby Heritage Center - Las Vegas
  10. BMW Performance Center - Greer, S.C.
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