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2018 Team Shelby PNWR BackCountry Bash

With WA SAAC & SAAC NW & friends

It’s almost hear, you ready!

Time to get the official head count for the event.

Please use this link to PayPal: https://paypal.me/pools/c/847ZnF22q1

$20 to help cover food and to learn how many are coming.

Looking forward to seeing everyone May 19th!

Please email me for the address: brian.bogdon1@gmail.com

Sean & Tracy, Kerry & Diane, Brian & Lisa

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Hi All, we are a week out, weather might just be perfect for the Team Shelby BackCountry Bash. The drive from La Center to Cougar and over the back country of Skamania county with its views of the south side of Mt St Helen's is amazing. 

We drove the 3 hour tour/route, very fun and scenic that includes the Columbia River Gorge on the Washington side from Carson to Vancouver and back to Sean & Tracy's place form the barbecue. if you have a question please email me brian.bogdon1@gmail.com.

Fill your tanks up with gas/fuel before you arrive. A Chevron and Shell downtown La Center. so you will be ready to hit the road for the drives.

  • $20 per person
  • 3 hour drive  (will have snack break half way)
  • 1 hour drive  (both drive groups will have a photo op together)
  • 9am breakfast-Pancakes
  • Barbecue late afternoon
  • Movie night after the sun sets.
  • BYOB/adult beverage, water & pop provided.
  • water hose available to clean cars if needed


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Hello TS Pacific NWR members,

If at the last minute your plans open up to come to the Back Country Bash, please email me at brian.bogdon1@gmail.com for directions. Weather is going to be great for the drive, the barbecue and movie night and bon fire! This will be a great time to meet others and visit! Heck you might see some cool cars and Curly the Camel!

Sean & Tracy are working very hard to have a very welcoming place for all!

Have a great weekend,


Brian Bogdon

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