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  1. We are a go for the 2020 Team Shelby PNW Regions BackCountry Bash. I'm working on registration website; will be using MotorsportREG. We are live! Registration will open July 5th 2020. Friday July 17th Watch party of the Mecum event with 1965 GT350 Competition, AKA flying Shelby, 002 #98 Pizza, too. Saturday July 18th BackCountry Bash same location, same format without the breakfast. Drive/Tour, Daddy D's Barbecue when we return. Live Band! $50 each person Sunday July 19th The Shelby ShineFest at the same location. This is a makeup date. Pepe's Mexican A La Carte. 10am
  2. Windshield Banners will be available at the 2020 BackCountry Bash July 17th & 18th and the 19th During the Shelby ShineFest! Look up our Washington Director Shannon to get yours! Brian Bogdon
  3. WOW, any great group of people and cool Shelby's! Team Shelby BackCountry Bash was another success because of all that attended and helped make this happen like Sean & Tracy Coiteux, including their family and friends! Welcoming us to their home and a great venue! Tracey L Smith and Scott Black coming up to get to know us better and will return in July during the Mustang RoundUp 2019, thank you both for attending, Curly miss's both of you! More to come, we are connecting more with more of you, need to find our friends in Idaho and Montana as you are part of the Pacific Northwest Regi
  4. Windshield Banners are a Top Subject ! We are working with Rafaela to get these done, as your Pacific Northwest Director, I need to find out how many want one or two, etc. Prices around $40+. Colors will be White and Silver at this time. Today is 4/23/2019 Bob Zinzell and Hans Moore-Heinen of Team Shelby Racing have that in Banner form, contact them directly. Facebook or EBay.
  5. Yes it is! Legendary event! Eric he can look forward to "The Next One" as Shelby would say! Great to have you guys! I have attached a file with details please take a look! Thanks looking forward to seeing you guys. Very Best, Brian
  6. Hello Team Shelby World, we are doing the Back Country Bash again for 2019 and have a couple very special guest! Tracey L Smith and Scott Black are joining us! I have added more details in the Calendar here on the forum, if you have questions please contact me. I have attach a file for the details! This event t is taking place in La Center, Washington. May 18th. Track time available friday at Portland International Raceway by SCCA - Track Night in America. Quickly: Breakfast, Drive and BBQ/Social in the great Pacific Northwest! we are looking forward to seeing new friends and old fr
  7. Thank you, yes 2018! Good catch! Brian Bogdon
  8. Hi All, we are invited to the SAAC NW Christmas Party 2018. We had a great time together in 2017 and doing it again. December 9th, 2018 We had great fun last year! Please read the note below from SAAC NW SAACNW and Team Shelby folks get your RSVP sent in for The SAAC NW Christmas Banquet so you don't miss the fun! Already have over 30 folks signed up. This evening will include a presentation about the Silver State Classic. Our own Frank McKinnon will share how he got involved organizing the Silver State, and driving in it. I'd bet Frank will have a couple of fun a
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