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2017 GT350 R

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I am not sure if this is accurate; however, this is what I have seen shared around many forums and groups more than once:

2017 US-
7,115 Total Production 
6,173 GT350
942 GT350 R

2017 Canada-
613 GT350
105 GT350R

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Funny how they cranked out those “rare” GT350R cars  at about twice the rate in 2017 as they did in 2016,  …instead of a few hundred there are now over 1600+  GT350R’s  rolling the streets....... and counting even more coming in 2018……….. yet many dealers were/are still able to continue to get well above MSRP…........

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The 350R has a mystique over the “plain” :lol:  350. 

I wish I had $10 for every time I’ve been asked, “Is that an R?” :doh:

Certainly seems like the ad campaign wasn’t lost on the public on these cars. It is amazing the stealers are still getting ADM’s on them. 

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I don't think its right for the dealers to get more than the MRSP on their cars!  Also,I think it doesn't make for very good customer relations down the road!  But then, as we all know the almighty dollar rules! LOL :lol:


"MONGOOSE"   :peelout:

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