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Daytona 24 weekend results mustang GT4 and Ford GT

mach 1 1970

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On ‎1‎/‎26‎/‎2018 at 7:42 AM, 07gt500conv said:



Are you coming to Daytona for the Weekend?  PM me.  Would drive over to Daytona to finally meet you.

I was thinking about going this year, but my friend who always goes to IMSA races with me is now a new first time Grand Pa so he gave away his motorhome parking spot and tickets to a client of his.  Oh well..... DVR for me.  One of these days it will happen for sure!

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17 hours ago, mach 1 1970 said:

Congrats to Ford 1,2 finish. Strong all day today  ,nice job   


Absolutely dominate performance from the team.  Loving the new metallic color scheme as well.  Bad news:  Here comes the BOP!

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It was a good race.  Blew away the previous record for the number of laps/miles.  Only 4 yellows in 24 hours and none of them were for major incidents.  My feet still hurt from being on pit lane for so long, but it was fun as always.  Also had to help move the GT from victory circle out back on the track for a Ford photo shoot.  That was fun!





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Thanks for the shots and 3000+ miles later and this is what the ford GT looks like. Enjoyed ourselves and the weather was perfect. Having no yellows in the first 8 hours made It great to watch. One brief rain swell snuck up on the race early and almost caused havoc. Love the new metallic paint ? on the cars. On another topic ford needs to get some legs on those mustang GT4’s in the conti  series. I’m sure that imsa will get busy with the bop’s on those Porsche teams.  Still in Daytona enjoying the warm weather before heading back to Atlanta next weekend. 



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This was the Fastest STANG on the TRACK until the wreck and the Canadian Made NEW Ford GT, continues to set the GOLD STANDARD on the Track! 

The Multimatic GT4 Stang was able to win a P3, so overall a good outing for FORD. 





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