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Turn Off Auto Window Vent Feature


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My tint guy I've used for years on cars told me I couldn't wait and take car soon as done but wait to pick it up a few hours after he tinted it because like the Camaros the car needed to sit awhile when done since the windows move up when closing doors.

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23 hours ago, galaxy said:

OK. But I always thought it was to let air pressure out to facilitate closing the doors. There are cars with door posts that have this feature; clearly they’re not worried about weatherstripping.  

Many years ago, convertibles had a problem with weatherstrip warranty claims.  The lowering of the windows prevented the warranty claims.  As things advanced, hardtop vehicles could also take advantage of this feature.  If the windows did not lower you would eventually tear the weatherstrip which allows the car to become more air tight.  I have not seen a full frame door lower a window when the door is opened on a modern vehicle.  That said, if you tear your weatherstrip by disabling it, then I am sure you will not mind paying for the replacement yourself based on your comment.  I offered a reason and you rejected it so you apparently did not need anyone to offer a reason after all.  

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Sorry bro, did not mean to be difficult. Looking back, I never asked “why” this feature is there because I thought I knew the reason.  I asked if it could be disabled for window tinting. Everyone posted that that wasn’t needed, but never answered the core questions as to if it could actually be disabled (until you did). I wasn’t looking to actually do it, just curious if it was a feature.  We spiraled off course and my bad for taking us there. 

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