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Wow....over ten eleven years of making friends here on Team Shelby!! :yahoo:


Let this be the 'All things Christmas' thread for X-mas 2017.....


I resurrected this pic from a couple years ago, and photo-labbed it with a St. Nick skull cap. There's just enuf white in my beard to fool maybe two or three kids. Just don't have the belly!! ;)



All kidding aside, just wanna say thank you for the amazing run we've all shared here on Team Shelby. To the friendships forged all because of one man. This subject has been covered at nauseam, but there's no better time to remind ourselves how grateful we all should be. Here's to the health and happiness of you and all of your families.


Thank you, and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!!




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Mele Kalikimaka from the island State. Just relaxing before taking the 2011 GT350 out. Took the 1966 GT350 out yesterday for first drive in 12 years after storage and full restoration. Wonderful beast. Weather: 76 degrees, light 12 mile breezes, some scattered light showers making morning rainbows, surf running 3-8 feet.


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Holiday Greetings

I use to think Christmas letters and family photos were a little corny. Who really took time to read letters amongst many Christmas cards we receive during the Christmas season. Like me you may have noted people are less and less inclined to send Christmas cards for whatever reason. I myself have scaled back. I now view Christmas letters and photos as a valuable means to stay connected on some level in our ever increasing busy disconnected pace of life. So here is ours...

Rob was in his first year of retirement when he decided that it was simply a sabbatical that he needed. He gets great satisfaction being a Union Carpenter’s Representative, it was hinted through the Regional Council they wanted him back, so he elected to go back to work full time in September of this year for a spell.

In May Rob’s Dad Bumper passed on, he was 80..Rob was able to spend the whole of his Dad’s last weeks, days, and moments with him and for that he is Thankful.

We have plans to go camping in July 2018 for the first time in many years as a family to “the cove” in Madras Or.

I continue to be in ministry with Bible Study Fellowship. It takes a lot of time but there is nothing else I would wish to spend the majority of my time and energy doing.

Christopher & Lisa’s little boy Malachi is 2 and Esme’ is 9 months old now. Lisa (Chris too) have had a challenging year in navigating Esme’ health concerns. Despite her challenges Little Ez is thriving. Both kids are active, smart, sweet, and super cute. In February they will be looking for a home to purchase. In July of 2018 after almost 3 years Christopher will finish his apprenticeship training to rank as a Journeyman Carpenter.

Katie & Kyle’s boys Kolin 7 & Karson 5 continue to be a family we admire. Karson is now a Kindergartner which means Katie is now kid-less during the day. She continues doing photography sessions. Kyle is a great husband and dad who provides for his family in every meaningful way. Over the summer we were able to bless them with helping fund a remodel of their home and other maintenance issues. Just a few weeks ago Kolin had to have an emergency appendectomy but he has come through just fine.

David has had a lot of change for the positive (as we see it anyway) David is now engaged (not to Teala) but to Lindsey. She has two kids Christopher 13 Alyssa 9. David is still with Wells Fargo and in the fall he was asked to test for a service the bank did not have at his branch. He did and was awarded with a promotion. He and Lindsey just returned from a trip to Jamaica. The future has never looked so loving & bright for David and his instant family.

Christmas Blessings

I’m praying in HOPE (the kind that NEVER disappoints) that 2018 will be a year of revival by the Spirit of God in our hearts and minds for continuance of His care and blessing in every area of our lives not because we deserve it BUT because He is GOOD.


Tana & Rob

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