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2017 Super Snake 50th Anniversary add more options?


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I am waiting for my Super Snake to be built. I was told SA should start on it at the end of

November and should be completed mid December. I ordered the 750hp package, Carbon Fiber mirror caps, vinyl center striping

and my donor car is a Racing Red GT Premium. I have saved some more money and would like to know if there is any

good adds that I could add to my Super Snake that would increase the value and be cool? Is there a complete list

that can be added to the Super Snake?




Waiting patiently for my Snake. Ordered back in May.

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Finally on last week. My SS should be finished this week. She's looking great sales rep Chris Ruby doing a great job and sending me pics weekly. I should get to see and drive her in couple weeks.  


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Anyone know what documents, manuals, certificates that come with Shelby Mustang? This is my 1st one just want to make sure I get everything I should. They are going to deliver her to me to my house. What should I expect on the deliver?

Thanks in advance Brad

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received my Super Snake Saturday.. it's everything I expected. Man is it fast. Had 29.5 miles on it, now 108 miles. It is fast. Thank you Shelby. Here is video of the delivery. 


Here is what she sounds like. 


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