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I just ordered my first 2018 GT350 because my dealer has only one allocation and i am lucky enough to be the one to place my order. I ordered it in ruby red withe black / white outline over the top strip. and the convince package because i have had the Recaro seats in my 1991 FOXBODY and would much rather have the comfort of heat, air and width.. my price is 64,998.00 before tax. I am being charged 3,000.00 over MSRP for this 2018 model. I have been with this dealer for over 8 years and ordered my custom 2011 F350 DIESEL short bed crew cab with deluxe package 60.000.00 back than with free life time oil changes and my moms 2010 ford edge for 32,000.00 also with free life time oil changes , so i have spent some time and a lot of money at this dealership . I have found two 2017 GT350s with RECARO seats, PRICED AT 59,000.00 before tax 1,500.00 over invoice .DRIVING DISTANCE 380 MILES to pick up. My color choice {RUBY RED} only came with white over the top stripes and the dealer just left it outside in the elements of sun, rain, heat for 5 months not garaged and every tire kicker in the area has been in the seat turning knobs and shifting , rubbing there hands over the paint and who knows what else ,, anouther LEFT OVER because of the Dealers 6,000.00 over MSRP price . the dealers call this the lottery . the second car i found in a 2017 had the convince package in ruby red and the black over the top white outline stripe, the dealer of this car is holding tight at 64,000.00. so long story short I placed 1,000.00 and filled out all the paper work at my dealers for the new 2018 GT350 Now i'm waiting for my 2018 GT350 to arrive knowing that i could have had a 2017 leftover . AND WE ALL KNOW THERE HAS BEEN NO CHANGES IN THE NEW 2018 GT350 MODEL . How far off was I in my decision in taking the one allocation my local dealer had for a GT350 and 3,000.00 over msrp on a 2018 ? and would any other dealers beat this price for a 2018 GT350 with convince package and over top stripes IF THEY HAVE WON THE LOTTERY AND HAD A NEW 2018 IN STOCK ? Forgot to mention The DEALER included the first 3 oil changes , LOL he said for free .


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Congratulations, yes I do love that color combo but since I am an old schooler, I had to go with white/blue over the tops. Boring but I have had a signed picture of Shelby in front of a 65 same color in my office for 20 years. I ordered my 18 two weeks ago, MSRP but it doesn't matter. You have to do whats needed to assure you get the car you want. We all are passionate about these cars. All good !!!

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But you WILL love your new car even over sticker once you drive it! And you picked a great color.

I think its the part of the country you are shopping as well as the time in the model year.
I have been all over the Southeast looking for the perfect Shelby GT350 dream car to meet my color and option desires. I finally found it and bought a new 2017 GT350 in Ruby Red (white stripes) for $2,000.00 below sticker in Arkansas. (They brought it to me.) My dealer offered to order me a 2018 for $1,500 below sticker, but Ford raised the price $1,000 for the unchanged 2018 model so that made the same car $1,500 higher and I would have to wait three to six months for the car to arrive. I couldn't justify the wait time or the money and I am thrilled with the 2017 car.

I have 600 miles on her already because I can't stop driving it around. Absolutely love it!

P.S. For anyone looking, Ford of Murfreesboro just south of Nashville has three new 2017's on their lot and they are all selling at sticker (or less if you are persistent). Blue, Ruby Red and White. There's also a nice gray 2017 in Tullahoma available well below sticker. These cars just weren't the right color for my dream car.

Guess it depends on where you shop, but I haven't had anyone in the Southeast try to get more than sticker.

Best handling car I'v ever owned!

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