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Tech car's with over heating transmission problems

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I just bought a used 2016 tech pkg and I love the car..but i read online about an issue with he transmission getting to hot during track time. I don't ever plan on driving the car at the track , but that doesn't mean I won't drive it hard sometime. I just wonder if taking the cats off would help with that issue? seeing that shelby created something to shield it from the cats. Have any of you experienced in non track limp mode situations with the tech car?

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I can't believe that having catalytic converters on both sides of the transmission doesn't exacerbate heating issues with the transmission.


A catalytic converter operates normally between 550 and 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit with the optimal temperature being about 806 degrees. Pollutants coming through the exhaust system can raise the temperature over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, at which point, the catalytic converter can be severely damaged.

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Shelby's Trans scoop is all you'll need for the streets. Check the parts store

For street Tim is dead on, but limp mode at track is real. I have heard pros and cons to scoop performance on track. I heard trans parts (trans with cooler pump, lines and cooler etc.) are now available from Ford Performance somewhere around 3K



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On 1/11/2018 at 8:51 AM, mach 1 1970 said:

Now what are you doing about the rear end over heating @ the track on a tech car ?

I have not done anything for the rear end.  There is no evidence of mine overheating.  I do 3-4 track events a year and approx 6,000 miles on the street.

When I was prepping car for Daytona Track time in Dec 2017, we checked the rear end fluid.  No smell of it being burnt, so we left it alone.

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