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Is The SuperSnake Splitter Real Carbon Fiber? Is Anything?


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Broke the front splitter on my SS awhile back. Ordered a new one and had a friend replace it while I was overseas. He saved the broken one and I just pulled it out. I'm not a CF expert, a glass man, or even a body guy (though I owned a Ducati and an account for CF is almost required to ride one!), but It looks like fiberglass with just some CF tape or covering on the exposed part of it. Which begs the question is ANYTHING on the package actual Carbon Fiber??? I was already pissed before getting the upgrade that the MOST ridiculous non-stressed, no reason for weight reduction (mirror covers??!!), sacrificial (splitters) parts were CF while the most obvious choices, the hood and trunk lid were not. Any observations?

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What year is your car?

I am not an expert but I think only the 2015/2016 SS had real carbon fiber.

If you wanted real carbon fiber in 08/09 you had to get the KR. However I believe the KR hood still weighed more than the original aluminum one.

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The carbon fiber hood on my '09 KR weighs close to nothing. Can lift it up with my pinky. My '16 GT350 has an aluminum hood and that seems to weigh a lot compared to the KR's.

I have only raised the hood on my 17 once and I wasn't paying attention to the weight.


I just assumed the KR hood weighs more because when I bought the hood struts 5 years ago it required the 90 lbs KR/SS struts. The original hood I believe only required 60 lbs.


A quick search of this site and I found someone who claims the KR hood only weighs 11 lbs. I guess this mystery may never be solved because I am not going to take it off to weigh it lol.



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So I did a fairly scientific anaylsis of the hood weight for my '09 KR and '16 GT350 (without removing them). Here's what I did:

1. Placed a digital scale under the hood latch and allowed the weight of the hood to rest on the scale to be measured.

2. Presuming the center of gravity of the hood is in the center of the hood -- the front latch and rear hinges are each supporting about 1/2 of the hood's weight.

3. Therefore, multiplying the measured weight by 2, I came to a fairly reasonable weight for each hood.


'09 GT500KR hood = 30.4 lbs

'16 GT350 hood = 43.2 lbs


BTW: The other post that said the KR hood weighed 11 lbs is way off base. The latch point weight alone was 15.2 lbs.

Maybe it was weighed before the stripes were installed. ;-)

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