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Look- Secundo is famous! Lol


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This "secundo" fellow is going to have to be deposed and put on the witness stand over this now!!

Yeah........lets be sure to tell the other side that he is a Trump Loving Republican......................that should make things interesting ..... :whistling:




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Sean is a :stirpot: 'er.....don't surprise me on bit!!


















































He even spelled his name wrong to try and make us think it wasn't him! :hysterical2:

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Guest markham51

While I don't take mine to the track I do appreciate that there are those that do. Ford should have (at the very least) offered a factory option to the tech package cars...I would have ordered the coolers in a heart beat.


By making it an option...it would have drawn attention to the need for coolers (if tracking) and at the same time kept the cost down for those who didn't want/need them. :shift:

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The coolers should have been standard equipment on all GT350's. Or at least potential buyers should have been informed beforehand that the tech pack cars can't be tracked so those who want to race are told about the track pack option instead.

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