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10th Anniversary Shelby Bash Official T-Shirt Now Available for Purchase


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For the first time ever, Shelby Bash official t-shirts will be available on line before the event. Only 300 total of these collectible shirts will be made for the 10th Anniversary Bash.

Those registered to attend the Bash who order a shirt this week will receive their shirt at registration. FYI, bring a silver sharpie and have the many celebrities autograph it at the Bash to create the ultimate souvenir!

If you can't make the Bash, you can still buy one before they are gone. Order your shirt at http://bit.ly/2kud9EO.

Bash t-shirt.jpg

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I just picked up two shirts as I just can't seem to buy enough Shelby t-shirts. The shipping option was a little strange and really not clear, I checked the 5 bucks for shipping and then you got a selection box that really made no sense to me. I thought the price was reasonable.


Regards............. gg

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Sometimes this place makes no sense. I called Friday asking about the posting and the no shipping option. I was told that the shirts were reserved for bash attendees and not for mail order at this time.


Now there is the 5 dollar shipped option. Someone needs to clarify things round here.

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