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Salt Air Corrosion on Aluminum and Magnesium


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I've had the SGT on the Mid Atlantic cost for a year now. It's spent most of that time in storage. I have maybe 300 miles on it in the last year (I know, this is a serious waste of an amazing car).


After a year the aluminum and magnesium parts under the hood that have not been anodized have been hit pretty hard with corrosion from the salt air. I'm really not that close to the coast but I'm roughly a mile from the Patuxent River.


I can find plenty of treatments to prevent the corrosion but haven't found anything to remove the corrosion. Does anyone know how to best remove the corrosion?



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lol but its true I've had same issue with my rare SAAC MK1 and its always been stored. I thought wow why are these aluminum parts corroding and being in FL where Salt air is the norm and everything rusts, I found out about the aluminum corroding quite a while ago. When someone asked me about why these parts on my rare low mileage car are doing this, its Florida. I probably will have them powder coated because if going to spend the time and cash to repair them then powder coat them will prevent it from happening again

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