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Lower rear of 2007 gt500


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I have a stock 2007 GT500, and find the rear a little too high for my liking. I am looking for a 1" to 1.25" drop. Can I lower just the rear and leave the front springs as is ? If so, what springs would you recommend ? Any issues with alignment if I do this ?


Thanks - MM

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mm, This is what I went with. The handling is "way" better that stock. I'm putting out 725hp but the tires still spin but not as bad.

It looks way better too! Get's rid of the 4x4 look. It drops the rear 1.5" and 1" in the front, I think, I did it in '07 when I bought the car. You will need new stiffer lower control arms and an adjustable pan hard bar to center the tires.

Super easy install, did it in my garage and yes you will need an alignment.


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I leveled both of my 500's with rear "leveling" coils. Love the stance. No issues with alignment at all. :salute:


The coils are made by HHR (If I remember right?) It's been a long time. I can dig out the receipt if you'd like? Maximum Motorsports.

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BAD SNAKE - Don't ask me how I got bad brake as your name, other than I better make sure I have my glasses on when sending a reply !! Apologies, and thanks again for the response - ?



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BAD SNAKE - Don't ask me how I got bad brake as your name, other than I better make sure I have my glasses on when sending a reply !! Apologies, and thanks again for the response -




Don't worry about, I'm a contractor I've been called every name in the book. :)

I "had" stock wheels and tires with on issues but I switched to widened Razors 10.5" with Nitto Inveo's, 20" x 295, "love" the look.

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Thanks BIKEBOY. I will look them up as well as BAD SNAKE's kit. Love the look of your car.


MM -

I have a set like Bikeboys in my garage I will sell you. They have about 30 miles on them


Put them on my convertible and it lowered it TOO much and had to take them out.... Will get picks and post...if interested.

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Thanks for the pics BIKEBOY. That is the look I am thinking suits my needs best. Not too over the top for now. I have only had the car a few months and am taking it slow on the upgrades.


07gt500conv - are the springs you have the H&R version ? Can you pm me the particulars ?


Never would have thought about headlight aim. Thanks msb64.

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I had the FRPP springs installed a few years ago (rear only) and they did give a 1.25" drop.

To me it looked a little too much drop when you looked at the tire to fender gap (compared to front) and the ride was noticably harsher.

Also didn't notice any difference at the strip, so I ended up going back to the stock ones.

The Maximum Motorsports ones do look interesting though, thanks for posting them BIKEBOY, I am going to give them a try.

Worked out to $139.98 US with free ground shipping in the US.

I installed the springs the other day, but haven't had a good look at them yet as I still have the car up on blocks.


I used the opportunity with the car raised up to install a driveshaft safety loop, went with the Cobra Jet one from FRPP (07 - 09) and am very happy with it.

It locates with 2 oem heat shield studs, and then you drill out the other holes (from the bottom up) for the retaining bolts.

Inside the car, I removed the threshold plates and seats (one side at a time) so that I could carefully raise the carpet enough with wood blocks to avoid drilling holes through the carpet.

I used a new 1/2" max stepper bit and it went through the floor pan fairly easy, just stop at the bolt diameter needed.

The loop is plated, 1/4" thick steel and NHRA certified, a nice safety feature for anyone pushing the power and running sticky tires.

When the loop is bolted in place, the oem heat shields can then be reinstalled if you carefully bend/form them by hand so that they clear the loop bar.


Make sure that you disconnect the battery if you are unplugging the seat air bag harness, I decided to do that on mine.

I removed the 4 seat bolts and then carefully set each seat (one at a time) on the back seat while I was doing the work.

If you have enough room to take them right out of the car in your garage, it would be a good time to give them a good cleaning.

I used the opportunity to get the carpet spotless too, a lot easier to do when the seats are removed.


Safety Loop.jpg

Saftey Loop 2.jpg

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Thanks, I like parts that install clean like that and look like they could be oem.

Almost a shame to cover it up with the factory heat shields, but they put them on the car for a reason :)


Speaking of headlight aiming, with the lowering springs I will probably have to do that myself.

I just installed some 35W 5000K Led headlights and are they ever white and bright.

I haven't had them long, but I find them much brighter and whiter than the 55/65W 4100K Sylvania Silverstar Ultra bulbs I had in there.

A plus is that they use a fraction of the power too, so less load on the electrical system.

Our weekend car local car gatherings usually run fairly late, so I get fairly regular use of my headlights.


Just out of curiousity, did anyone who lowered their car install LCA relocation brackets to correct the geometry?

I have a set of bolt-ons on hand, but was going to try the strip without them first.

Weld-ons would be best, just not ready to go that far yet.

Heat Shields.jpg

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A loop is one of those things that you hope you'll never need, but if you do you will be real glad you have it.


I installed the Maximum Motorsports springs in the rear last week and the car sits a lot nicer now, I would definitely recommend them if you want the back end down a bit.

I noticed at the drag strip now that I am now getting some banging out back between gears on quick shifts.

Best guess is that that the oem bumpstops need to be shortened or replaced with shorter ones for adequate axle housing clearance/travel.

I already had reduced clearance there to start with, as I had removed the oem upper bumpstop brackets years ago to allow for 325 drag radials.

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