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Paint Correction on 2007 Shelby Gt500 Super Snake


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Hello everyone,

We had a customer come to us who uses a mobile detailer for basic washes. He drives the car only on the weekends but since the detailer was using what looks like cheap microfiber towels to dry with, the finish had lots of fine scratches/marring over the whole vehicle. We were able to fix these doing a 2 step paint correction process. We then coated the vehicle with our Evo Quartz Coating 5H to make sure that the finish is protected and the work we just put into the finish would not be tarnished. The 5H version comes with a 2 year/30,000 mile warranty. Here is the process that goes into a vehicle here at our detail shop.

First Step; We use our Evo21 Dual action polisher with Evo 1500 Cut Finish Polish , along with a wool pad. We then pull the car into natural sunlight to check out if the combination of polish/pad has worked on the application. If the bigger scratches came out you are set to move on to the next step. If not we then use a more aggressive polish and/or spend more time working the product to heat the clear coat.


Second Step; Evo 3000 Ultra Finish Polish with blue fine finish pad. This step gets rid of the fine marring/scratches and the pigtails that occur from the first step and gets out any additional small marring in the surface.

Third Step; We used a 50/50 mix of isopropyl rubbing alcohol and water to spray the surface to rid of any polish that we missed from wiping it down. Check the surface over with a led spotlight to see if any additonal spots need to be gone over. If not we then apply 2 coats of our Evo Quartz Coating. This vehicle was the 5H version of the coating which is the most basic version we have but still has the same gloss retention as our more premium versions. The customer was estatic about us fixing the small marring and the Evo Quartz brought out the deep black shine that everyone loves. Black is one of the most difficult colors to maintain but when done correctly is one of the most rewarding!

We will be attending the Shelby Bash this year and will offer this service at a discount for anyone interested along with any other detailing you will need. For more information please email jacob@gloss-it.com and/or call 702-252-4000 for product or detailing service questions.

Before Shots:





After Shots:















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The Evo Quartz Coating does act as a barrier on top of the clearcoat to prevent future towel marks and scratching. As for removing any dust do not put pressure on the surface otherwise it can still scratch. For removing dust at our shop we always take one of our microfiber towels and lightly pull the rag from the middle of the car to the edge before any wiping. This reduces the chance of any dust scratching the surface especially dark colored vehicles.

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