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Hottest UFC/MMA Fighter?

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Super hot women but let's not forget Gina Carano.







BINGO!!!!!.......Gina is not in the sport no more but she was the hottest ever in UFC.....Michia Tate is not bad to look at either nor is the new Champ that KO'd Ronda out Holly Holmes.

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Rousey is hideous without makeup, look at her during a fight, ugly as can be in my opinion. It is amazing what makeup and good cameras/airbrushing can do.




In all fairness to Ronda the pictures of her being punched in the face or shortly after taking a beating of course she's not going to look the best..who would!!....I think she's hot


looking just not in Gina Carano's league but hot none the less.

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That applies to most women. Especially actresses.



Agreed, I grew up on Long Island, we would often go out to the Hamptons and Montauk, my brother lives in East Hampton so I still visit several times a year. I bring this up because you will run into a Supermodel and/or actress every so often out that way, most look nothing like their TV/Photo shots.


Put Rousey in a bar and I wouldn't give her a first look, forget about a second one.


Just my 2 cents.

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