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Custom Shelby GT 'Snake' grille emblem

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Just wanted to share what i've been working on the past weeks.

I couldn't find the SGT snake logo anywhere in a vector format so had it reproduced, then made a CAD design for a front grille logo.

It was quite expensive getting this made, but the result is really awesome.


This is the CAD design:



Work in progress:



Finished emblem:



On the car (sorry, will wash it next time =) ):






Hope you guys like it!


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Thanks guys!


I am very pleased with it myself :)
I obviously have no intention of having more made and/or selling these, it just had one made for myself because ever since I had my car I somehow wanted this emblem :)
I am considering making 2 more as side emblem, but I don't want to overdue it and on the other hand I quite like the 'powered by ford' emblem.

I am looking into the possibilities for getting this licensed if people are interested, but as it looks now it means I will have to have another one made and send it over to Shelby so they can see it in person.

Seeing the cost of having a single one made (having 10+ made is like half the price each compared to a single one) however, but that's alot of work and money so I'm not sure I will do this.

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For the people commenting on the size, I think it looks bigger on the picture then it actually is. I had this one made the exact same height as the original tribar, and also the GT500 snake. It's just that the logo is quite wide so it might look like it's very big. Next to that, I can have all the sizes made I want, I just think this is the best size.

Here's another picture which might show this a bit better.



I am currently saving up some cash to have another single one made (it's quite expensive for just 1, as they have to set up the machine just for me for this), which I will send to Shelby Licensing to see if I can get it officially licensed. I am assisted by Bob Zinzell for this who will try to help out to get it licensed. Bob will also be the point of contact for you USA people (as I am in europe) where you can obtain these if Shelby decides to grant us a license.
Before everyone fills my PM box ^^, this might be quite a long process but I am quite confident we can get it licensed as the quality of the piece is really top knotch.

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That really does look nice on your car, I hope everything works out for your project. I'm still on the fence with the size only because of

my placement issues. I kinda want to keep the tri-pony and place your snake on the other side but don't want the gril to look cluttered.

That's my only reasoning for wanting to have it smaller. Either way I will surely be a customer just because its a cool piece. Good luck.

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Prolly shouldn't be posting this, but as there isn't any damn thing left to buy for our cars in Shelbystore anyway I don't think anyone cares for these grille/fender emblems... :cool:

I don't plan on making alot of these (there's no profit in it, they are expensive to make and I make 0$ on these), it's not my trademark, I don't want trouble, I just had some fun and made a batch for some Shelby friends.
If anyone wants one, hint: I'm looking for a CS8 (or was it CS6) grille without light holes (just the grille, i have the letters already) that fits the SGT bumper, which i'd be willing to make an emblem for as trade (yes unfortunately they are that expensive to make). Can always hit me up on facebook (link in signature) in case I take to long to reply here (not coming here daily)







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I actually have both of the v6 versions (with and without light holes), i've been thinking about having welded the missing width in between for the surround but I can't find the exact same mesh which i'd need to replace :/

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