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I Left The "go Fast" Event To Early

David  Hawkins 6722

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I left the "Go Fast" Event to Early...................




I did get to see this same Car rip down the Track, get lose and do a couple of over corrected 90's before doing a complete 360 and take out the Timing Sensors.


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I bet that once he was able to pull his Pants out of his BUTT, he had to change his Shorts...................... :hysterical2:

An announcer during the Rolex 24 race stated "courage is brown"......

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At the Texas Wanagofast Shootout last year a lambo crossed the line at 209mph with his rear end on fire. He didn't come back up the track and a fire truck duly headed down the other end.
We broke for an early lunch, since we never heard anything about it later, I presume he/it was okay - perhaps just an oil leak oto the hot exhaust pipes.
Anyway, given the very large number of videos pposted from the event, I was surprised it didn't show up on youtube. This guy wasnt so luck though, his humiliation is out for all to see. (Come to think of it the guy at my event, didn't actually do anything wrong).

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Looked like he stayed in the throttle even after getting loose the first time.

He didn't really stay in it, he just got back in it to soon every time it got lose on him and that's why it finally did the 360. As soon as I saw the Headline on the Yahoo article, I knew who they were talking about before I even scrolled down. I was surprise that most of the drivers that got lose did not do that big of a Burn Out. That Red Lambo did not do that big of a Burn Out to warm up the Tires and it was Cold and Wendy and you were in a big open area.

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