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Lost A Shelby Brother


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We lost a Shelby Brother last night.


Jerry Wilmert was one of our new Shelby Brothers in the Team Shelby South Atlantic - Central Florida Chapter.


We just had our monthly breakfast on Saturday and we seen him again that evening at the Mid Florida Mustang Club Cruise in.


Sorry to say, his daughter found him the following day after he had two (2) strokes. He was hospitalized shortly thereafter.


According to the reports we are getting, he is non responsive and in a coma.


Please say a prayer or keep him and his family in your thoughts for our Shelby Brother..



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For the people who didn't know Jerry he had a true love for his Shelby and fellow Shelby owners. Recently I had the pleasure to speak with his daughter and all she mentioned was how amazed she was with his friends from the mustang group. FYI this group ranges from our kids all the way up. He wil be missed.

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If anyone would like to help us raise money for our lost Shelby Brother, please follow the link.


His daughter does not have the funds to provide him a proper funeral and we are trying to help her....if you done care to contribute we understand. But, any amount would be nice.





Thanks in advance.

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