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New Tires For 9 Inch Gt3 Rims


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I got the wheel and tire upgrade package on my 2013 GTS


according to the build sheet it has 18x9 inch GT3 rims


They came with Goodyear F1 Supercar tires (GT500 take off parts according to my sources - indeed the year code checks out as 2008)


There are 255/45ZR18s on the front and 285/40ZR18s on the rear.


The time has come for new tires at ~14,500 miles. After reading around the forums, I think I would like to go with Michelin Pilot Super Sports.


The question is what size should I get


a) They are not available in the sizes mentioned above, the closest would be 255/40ZR18s and 285/35ZR18s

b) According to everything I read the tires that I have should not even fit the wheel


Has anyone else put new tires on these wheels, if so what size?


What size of Micheling PSS will fit?


Should I just get another set of Goodyear F1 Supercars?


Any advise gratefully received.

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I didn't want to push any tire center to put 285's on the rear of my 18x9's.

Good to know it has worked on the GTS package though.

American Muscle hasn't put the 18x10 on clearance recently.

Also considered going 275 all around. But settled on 275/255 stagger.

The slight difference in hight is noticeable to me on the odometer.

I posted photos on the GTS FB page.

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After lots of useful advice on FB, I am going with Michelin Pilot AS3s in the same sizes as currently on the car.


My installer was happy with the sizing since I had no issues with the current ones.


Should be done next week in time for Terlingua.


Pat, my rears were looking a little worn (although perfectly legal) and I didn't want a nasty shock at Lajitas airport or on the Speed run.

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Pat, my rears were looking a little worn (although perfectly legal) and I didn't want a nasty shock at Lajitas airport or on the Speed run.

Excellent news on your new shoes!


See you in 10 days.


Safe travels.

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How the heck did you manage to get over 14K out of your 2008 KR tires?

I just changed mine out at 10,900. In my case, I had another set plus of 2008 KR Goodyears on hand. Now all I have left are one set of KRs for the rear.


I am pretty ssure SAI didn't put take off tires on your vehicle. They put on new old stock special run Goodyear KR Eagle F1s, circa 2007 and 2008.

They should carry a winged foot inside a circle about the size of a half dollar somewhere on the sidewall, mine do.


I have the GT4 wheels in 18X9 from American Muscle that SAI put on, shown here:



I ask the what size to go to next time question myself these days.

The only manufacturer offering the same sizing of the original KR is Goodyear, in today's Eagle F1.

I have no idea if they are any good or not.


I really don't want to go to the smaller hieght Michelin sizing though. I need some squish.


My hope is that Michelin will make said sizing at some point, but that could be wishful thinking.


What do your GT3 wheels look like.

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Okay, Sorry for the typo, I have GT4 rims not GT3s. we established this on the facebook thread but I didn't fix up the discussion here.


My front F1 tires were fine but the rears were worn in the center. They were not over inflated but I was told it was not uncommon for this to happen when you have oversized tires on a rim.

I was still well over the tread wear marks, but since I will hopefully doing some high speed driving in Terlingua next week, I thought it prudent to put some new shoes on


I have taken the car to 2 drag events and a couple of other performance driving events, other than that it is a daily drive, but I do have a fairly heavy foot.

Perhaps the extra horse power in your car helped wear the tires a little more quickly.


So I got Michelin Pilot Sport AS3's in identical sizes to the F1s - i.e 285/40ZR18 and 255/45ZR18. The super sports only come in lower aspect ratios 285/35ZR18 and 255/40ZR18.

Since my car is a daily drive and I just clear every kerb I encounter I personally didn't want to drop the car another half inch, so with the AS3s. Adittionally I had a few hairy drives on cold days last

year so again the All Seasons may help me out with the daily driving.


The installer said the 285s went straight on the 9 inch rims with no issues and I have encountered no clearance issues.
Haven't had them up passed 75mph but evenything seems fine, we will see what transpires next week.

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Interesting, maybe there is hope yet then.


I figure these tires will last 2 years at the mileage rate I do, so maybe Michelin will make those sizes in the SS in that time.


Have fun next weekend.

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