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Cobra Emblems And Other Badging


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To be honest I'm not really sure what the difference is between a Shelby or Shelby Cobra, other than to know I don't have a Cobra. However I have the hardest time finding any Shelby branded stuff without the Cobra. And I dont want to feel like a poser, so what is the vibe here when it comes to Cobra branded emblems on a SGT? Is it faking or is it a part of the brand history?


Thanks all.

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There are three (four if you want to get super technical) different snakes; the most common is the Tiffany Snake seen on the GT500 and the later models of GT350, then there is the original forward facing snake which typically has Cobra across it but was also seen with GT350 and Shelby across it. This was used on the GT350 and Cobra. Lastly is the S Snake seen on both the GT350 and GT500 and is mostly closely associated with the SGT.


I personally have both the Tiffany and S Snake on my SGT and my option is that all three versions of the snake represent Shelby (although Ford owns the Tiffany) and are welcome on any Ford powered Shelby.










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IMO there is no issue putting cobra badges on a Shelby at all. The SGT looks more like an original cobra than any other mustang and also more like the original GT350 than any other mustang. I personally prefer the uniqeness of the PBF badge and CS logos.

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I had the same question as the original poster above. So far I've carefully avoided purchasing anything with a snake on it, opting instead for the few items available with the Shelby Racetrack logo. It struck me reading this thread that you might be less likely to find "objectors" in this SGT forum than in some of the others...

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It seems like several years ago when our Shelby GT Mustangs came out the one logo seemed like the only option and was defended by some on the forum as the only way to go. I like the actual Cobra logo, but have never used it. Then over the years even Shelby seemed to go through an identity crisis putting some of the older logos back on newer cars.


I like them all, would have liked to had a Cobra in the grill of mine, put staying pretty much stock. I have had a personal issue with the S snake being referred to as the cartoon snake, how in the world do you get that impression.


Just my thoughts............ GG

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I too, am confused by the many names thrown about, and it is hard to track them when the trademarks get traded back and forth between Ford and Shelby. When someone says "XXXX owns the rights", I say "today". Also complicating things, is the enthusiast who knows what it is he is talking about, but can't remember the name. So, he makes one up, and it catches. Case in point: "cartoon". A picture can be worth a thousand words, eh? Never more true than here.


This is the original Shelby Cobra. AC Motorcar with a Ford power train. Shelby's entry into motorsports.



This is the Ford Mustang SVT Cobra, aka "Terminator".



This is the "Tiffany Snake" logo. It has been perverted more times than Jodie Foster.



This is the "cartoon" snake, most likely called that because someone didn't care to do any research, just made it up because it's hand drawn. Most widely used by vinyl shops.



"Winged Snake", again named out of laziness.



I do not know who owns what today, Ford and Shelby have traded a lot over the years. But, I don't really care about ownership, just about connecting the correct images with the text. Google search "Shelby cobra" and first up is "images". Mouse your heart out.


For extra credit, someone post a pic of a Mustang 2 Cobra?


Y'all be safe.

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Every once in a while, someone will ask about the reasons behind the gen1 SGT hood scoop, or the PBF fender badge. Here they are together in one picture. I can only imagine what was floating through Carroll's memory banks as his pencil hit the paper for the SGT.



Y'all be safe.


PS: you can't see it very well, but the hood scoop is riveted in place.

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FYI...The engine used in the 1st gen Hertz cars was called the...


...wait for it...


"Cobra 289".



Yup. The venerable 289/306, 329 ftlb of torque. And, an early (perhaps first) use of the word "Cobra".


This was considered a remarkable engine in its time because it was the first engine where factory rated BHP scales exceeded the CID of the engine. A silly, but seemingly "important" scale of performance in the first muscle car era, and it was a Ford engine, and a small block to boot. It was a while before any other mfg factory ratings could meet, or, exceed this X/X/X ratio. Runner-ups include the Chevy 427/425, and the Mopar 426/425 Hemi, all big blocks. Thus, "Cobra 289" is an earned title, and IMHO to be respected. What else could Shelby call It? "289 Turbo-fire"...Nevermind. It is what it is, yes?


Doesn't really help much here I know, to clear the air I mean. But, it IS another use of the label Cobra, use that contributes more to confusion than anything else. Sorry, folks. Just calling out historical facts. No wonder why ten centuries ago, Henry Ford offered us cars in colors. "Any color you want, as long as it is black". Proof that when you gIve us a choice, we will f--k it up EVERY way we can.


Y'all be safe.

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