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The Coronado Speed Festival will occur on September 20 and 21 at Naval Air Station North Island on Coronado, San Diego (similar to the Monterey Historic races). Mustangs of all vintages and types (race cars included) are needed for the 50th Anniversary of the Ford Mustang for a car corral display and a parade lap on the race track (Saturday). We have about 30 Mustangs so far and need at least 50. Email me, Tim Reeve @ptree918@sbcglobal.net if you're interested in participating. There's also TV promos available on Sunday 9/14 and Tuesday 9/16 to show off your Mustangs.

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We did Saturday morning at the Speed Fest (I mistyped that as Steed Fest, first time around; makes sense, since the Mustang 50th was a feature of the weekend). Didn't do too much serious photography, but what I can salvage will go up sooner or later.


There were at least fifty Mustangs in the parade lap, some of practically every possible era/subspecies. Offhand, I'd say there were a couple dozen GT500s, modern and classic, numerous SGTs, and a few ordinary Mustangs who made a tour of the course. We lined up early, but they set a director at the head of three or four columns, and he directed the earlier cars out first, so we were near the tail-end of the queue. Which wasn't bad, at all: late and slow getting on the course meant we had some open track in front of us, and were able to grind off a little cornering-rubber in the process of catching up. We also remembered to do the parade wave for spectators.


Here's one snapshot of the line behind us, pre-parade, and one panorama of the Mustang Corral, featuring a few Mustangs, and a couple dozen Cobras






Sorry about the horizontal scrolling; these are the kind of pictures that need size to be useful. I have a version of the panorama that is 6951 pixels wide!

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