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18Th Annual 8 Flags Car Show - Amelia Island


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October 18, 2014, downtown Fernandina Beach, Florida!


Great venue and a great place to spend a weekend or longer!


http://www.ameliacruizers.org for registration information and pictures from previous shows!


Hope to see you there!





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OK boys and girls, the club has spoken! If you want to park together, you need to arrive early!!


I tried to persuade them to allow holding spaces until a certain time, but that didn't fly!


Because I'm working the show, I'll be downtown at 4:00 am! If it's available, I will park where I did last year - in front of Pepper's Mexican restaurant, on the South side of Centre Street. (This is best if you like shade, but even across the street is OK)


Several places will be opening early for coffee/breakfast. I recommend, in no particular order, Jack and Diane's, Amelia Island Coffee, (both right on Centre Street), and Hola's Cuban Cafe, (right behind Palace Saloon on 2nd Street).


My nephew and his lovely bride will be there - some of you remember "Nose Art Nina" from previous shows, so expect her to be there posing for pics!


I will see some of you at the welcoming party at The Surf, and others downtown at the show - I apologize in advance if I don't get to hang out with you all, but that's one of the perils of being club president!


After the show, I hope you all stick around - we can gather for a drink and or a bite to eat Saturday evening or perhaps get together for breakfast on Sunday.


See ya'll there!



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Tom, Vic, Jim, David, Joe, and your families, plus anyone I may have missed - Thanks for coming to the show! Really enjoyed ya'lls cars and company! I think the final count was 252 vehicles - still a little shy of the magic 300, but a nice assortment of great cars!


Margaritas at Pablo's Saturday night were just the thing I needed to wind down after the months of preparation and a very long day!


Great weather, great friends, great show!



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Wish I could have stayed for the Margaritas! I had a great time! Sam, you do an outstanding job with this show!


Thank you all for the fun, the laughs, and most importantly...making sure everyone there knew Grabber Blue truly is the fastest color!!! :shift:

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