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Houston, Tx Griggs Suspension Installer?


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GR40SS Super Street Complete Chassis System
- Lateral Link Adjustable Panhard Bar (Urethane/Heim)
- Rear Anti-Roll Bar No Thanks
- Rear Control Arms Adjustable Rear Control Arms (Urethane/Heim)
- Wide Wheel/Tire "315 Kit" for use with wide wheels/tires


$4k before shipping and install

Also going to add Stainless brake lines and aftermarket rear diff cover while they are in there.

Wheel and tires after that.


So I've settled on the above suspension kit on my '11 GT500. I've decided to build the "foundation" first and end with a power goal of 750 rwhp. As of now, I'm completely stock save for an Airaid filter, resonator delete, Hurst straight shifter, and Amsoil fluids. I've only owned the car since December 2013. 2nd owner. My daily driver is a 2008 Infiniti G35, so this car sits in the garage a lot.


I've ridden in a friend's '11 C6 Grand Sport, and he has the optional wheel/tire package from GM. He's running 325's in the rear, and he's able to accelerate hard out of turns with ZERO loss of traction and hop. The rush was very intoxicating. I want this kind of handling for my GT500.


I've tried to price out a full coilover-suspension kit with torque arm, LCAs, UCAs, and I always end up near Griggs' price. Any way, unless ya'll have any better suggestions for suspension, I'd like a list of reputable GT500 shops in the surrounding area that have installed Griggs. I'd even consider driving to Austin or Dallas for a weekend to do this.



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