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Stolen Terlingua Mustang!


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A bunny has gone missing! Please be on the lookout for TRT0403 stolen from a storage facility last week in Spring Texas (houston area). It was inside a black 24' Cargo Craft trailer.



I see that this is the same items as the other post on this forum, I hope that this trailer and car get found,it must really suck finding your beloved car (and trailer!) goes missing!

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This may seem like a crazy idea to you BUT, I was going to put a Fleet Tracker on my Mustang for the Super Cruise so people could get on line, log in and follow my Car up to Charlotte. It costs just $300.00 installed and that includes the first month of Monitoring. The BEST part is that, there are NO contracts. I can cancel it at any time and re-start it at any time.


NOW here is why I am telling you this……. You could remove a Panel INSIDE the Trailer, up front, take the Trailer to the Company and have them install the Fleet Tracker, drill a hole straight down through the Floor (inside the wall) and wire the Tracker into the Trailer Wiring so that it is activated when the Trailer is plugged into the Tow Vehicle or if a Generater is used for power. When you get the Trailer back, re-install the panel to hide the Tracker and no one knows it’s there. If your Trailer is ever stolen, call and re-activate the Tracker and wam-bam you found your Trailer as soon as it gets hooked up. It’s Cheap and it’s Easy. “Williams Communications” here in Tallahassee has that system.

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