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Did Sean Penn Butcher A Shelby Gt? I Think So...


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I think he did... I saw these photos a while back on a "Celebrity cars" post, but it wasn't until I saw this again this morning that noticed several unmistakable underlying SGT characteristics...


1. CS/SGT side scoops and also looks like painted OEM SGT wheels.



2. CS/SGT rear bumper with heat extractors... and no spoiler...



3. Here is probably the best one... Definitely the CS/SGT bumper, SGT grille (sans tri-bar pony), DEFINITELY the SGT hood scoop, SGT hood pins...



4. Another one showing more of the above...



Obviously the badges have been stripped, but I find it HIGHLY unlikely that someone went through that much trouble to find and place all those SGT parts - especially the hood scoop - on a regular GT, just to paint it all matte black and use it as a daily driver (you can see it's dirty as hell, so he obviously doesn't take that good of care of it).


Just thought I'd see what you all thought...

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Sean Penn produced his first movie called Indian Runner in my hometown in 1991. In the movie a character drove a lime green 68' Shelby GT350. In a scene of the movie a second replica GT350 caught on fire and burned up. I always wondered what happened to the real one.


Just saying, maybe he has a love for Shelby's too.

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The 68 Shelby that Madonna bought Sean sold on Ebay about a year ago. Ha plenty of documentation. I tried to buy the car 3X over the last 10 years and missed it by 10 minutes this last time!! The title was still in Sean Penn's name.



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Sure it's his car... and he CAN do whatever he wants... but to be "fair", it was my opinion. To me, painting a numbered Shelby GT matte black is butchering it. I didn't say he's wrong. But to me, that's butchering a unique, numbered Shelby. So is some of the other cars you reference "here".


I, on one hand, have not done anything to my SGT that can't be put back 100% back to the way it was when I bought it. Maybe no one cares that I can say that, but I value the aspect.


The Red, White and Blue is a 2 way street... he can do whatever he wants... and I can feel however I want about. 'Merica! :rockon:

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since everyone is throwing out opinions I thought I weigh in.....I think the almost religious way these cars are kept stock and not driven is laughable.

I say....get over it.

these cars were built to be driven, enjoyed, modded.........as Carroll Shelby himself said many times.......

Yes, its a numbered Shelby.

He modded it.

So what?

Its paint (or a wrap)...it could be put back to stock as well......more paint.

My wifes 08 SGT is bone stock.

50k miles.

you approve?


well, since it was purchased brand new in Sept 08, it has worn 4 snow tires from November to April and been used as her DD...all year round here in the Northeast....

snow, ice, salt, wind, gloom of night......yep, this puppy has seen it all....


still approve?


right, I don't care either.

Its my car.

we traded in her Escape for it. (great deal by the way, thank you Michael Morris)


no offense intended to anyone, just expressing my opinion.

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Wow... I should have titled this thread "Write your tangential rant here".


Yes, he can do whatever the F he wants with is SGT. If HE'S got a problem with my opinion, HE can call me out about. I'm sorry, but when did this turn into the "PC, everyone loves everyone and we all have to love what everyone does do their car" forum while I was away? We we all THAT upset that I pointed out that he "butchered" an SGT? Does that really piss you off that much?


And I'm not saying every Shelby needs to be kept stock. Look at my sig... is that stock?


But IN MY OPINION, AS HORRIFYING AS IT MAY BE, there is a big difference between matte painting a car.... and some bolt-ons. And I also agree that it's completely respectable to drive a Shelby... put miles on it that is. Congratulations to you. Not that I care, but I believe Carroll what appreciate that as well.


Now reach as far as you can up and pull your panties out of that wad.


Good God, I saw someone matte black paint a SGT and I said I didn't like it. That makes me the biggest asshole around? There's probably about 1000 other threads on this forum that do the same thing.


And if it was an original 1968 GT500, you'd all be screaming bloody murder.

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your problem is you obviously cannot express your opinion with out insulting the person you feel did something wrong.......or that you dont agree with.....


that is your problem, plain and simple.......


and trust me......I could care less about you your car or your opinion......but as a member here, you get to express that.....


just dont cross the line and start any crap....cause there is no place for that here........


and I wear boxer briefs since you are so interested in my underwear sailor.

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LOL... I'm glad the regulator came to town and showed me the error of my ways. And making it so plain and simple for me too. I'm saved. Should I send my formal apology directly to Sean Penn? Or would you like to proofread it first? :sneaking:


And for someone who could care less about my opinion, you sure had a ton of... we'll call them "thoughts"... about my opinion. Weird. :headscratch:


And thanks for the "warning" on starting crap... cuz I'm obviously the one that did that. I agree there is no place for that here... which brings us back to our little convo on the topic of hypocrisy. But maybe that's a conversation for a later date or a less uptight situation.


And yes, I'm in love with your underwear... that's exactly where I was going with that... airmen. (BTW, is that the game? We call each other different versions of military personnel? I don't get it...) :salute:

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