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A Different 5.0 - Spring Cruise


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Well, today I finally got the time I needed. After getting a new battery, filling the tires and gas tank, I managed to wash the Lincoln. This is definitely a car that gets looks - though probably not all good. A lot of people believe all of these cars should be in junk yards, or they are ugly. Some people say it's the dumbest car ever.


So, its the car noone can figure out because it is odd. But, don't we all take a little criticism for your vehicle somewhere along the line? The best moment I've had with it was when someone at the gas station today came up and said, "Hey, when did Joe Pesci give you his car?"


It may be an odd car, and it may be worth very very little, but I am proud to say I have kept it well. There are flaws of course, small scratches, bottom side rust, a chip, and whoever had the car from the start had the worst exhaust pipes possible put on it, not even identical pipes (dual exhaust). But, it is what it is. And, it carries a common factor with it's much lighter mustang brethren.






The car is large, I look like I'm involved with organized crime, and it sounds funny when it's driving because of air ride and auto-adjusting shocks. It doesn't fit in as a classic, it doesn't really fall in as a muscle car (even with the 5.0), it's not new. It's weird. But, its my weird car. Plus, how about seeing this rolling down the road?








Took the car for a cruise and got some odd looks. Let the injectors get cleaned by the seafoam, and let the car breath a bit. Probably going to go for one more trip. Low miles, it could use some. :victory:

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Well, I guess I'm weird then because I've always liked Lincoln's, and yours is one of my favorites! Thanks for keeping her running!



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Thanks! I have read forums, read documents, read articles, and watched countless videos. So far all I have is what all is on the car, and as for how most of it works is over my head (but not too far). I wanted to post a couple of pictures of it next to some really old Lincolns at a local car cruise, but its been raining since I posted this, and its going to rain for 7 more days.


Compared to my v6, not only does the Lincoln put out more horsepower, but its torque number is hanging over the horsepower at about 320 ft-lbs. True dual exhaust, and a great gear set up with a proper limited slip differential tends to remind me to be careful with the gas pedal or it will screech behind me easily vs the Mustang with no limited slip differential.


The only thing this car doesn't have is a cd player. Don't worry, I've got cassettes. Adds to the image. :rockon:

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