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Shelby Font

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It might help if you clarify.......... What "Shelby Font" are you talking about? There is the Font used on the 1965-1968 G.T. 350/G.T. 500 Side Stripes, the Font used on the 1968 GT 500KR Side Stripes, the Font used on the late Model SHELBY GT & SHELBY GT-H Side Stripes, the Font used on the Late Model Shelby GT 500 Side Stripes and the Font used on the Late Model Super Snake Side Stripes. Not sure if their is any other Fonts used.

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Late model SGT uses Myriad italic Font I believe. Jer can tell you for sure.



I had my sign/decal maker create this for me;


I had him change the "RACING" to cursive and a Cap R with lower case after.


They're 48" long and will be going on the door of my car hauler.


I just took him a Sheby decal and he went through his fonts until he found the right one, then leaned the letters over just a tad.


It was real easy for him to do.






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Does anyone know where I can download the Shelby Font. I am putting together a new display stand and want to use the font. Please let me know if you have any ideas.



Thank you,



I use the "venomous" font. Do a google for it. I used it on my Display stand and looks awesome!

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Can you get other ones made? How much? I would like 2 or 3 for my trailer also.

PM me with a cost.




Was this directed at me, regarding my SHELBY Racing stickers I had made?


If so then yes, he has it on his computer now so repops wouldn't be a problem.


He charges $10 a square foot so the size of yours would matter. Mine were 12" (1 ft.) x 48" (4') ea which is $40 ea but he also printed up four door names (Phill, Candy, Crew & Crew) and charged me a total of $70.


I have his card with his number on it if you're interested in getting some. You can get them larger for a trailer too.


He's in Co. Springs CO but shipping (in a tube) shouldn't be a problem (I'm guessing).




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