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Old Boss or New Boss?


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So I've been in perpetual restoration mode (restomod) for about 10 years on my 1970 Boss 302. A lot of work has been done yet there is a lot of work to do on what has been a frame up remake of the whole car. I'd say 95% of all the metal work is complete. I have all the peices to the car from the orginal restoration I did when I first got it. That is, the complete interior, suspension and drive train. Other then a relatively cheap paint job at the time I didn't do much with the body. This time I'm doing the complete job. Anyway, I'm depending on some folks who don't quite see it the same priority as I do. That's my bad for putting a lot of money out front and trying to do business with friends. Now I'm 10 years down the road and still no car and along comes the new Boss 302. I really like the car and despite my love for the old school muscle car there is no denying the superior nature of modern technology. I'm certina if I tried to bail out of my 1970, I would lose my rear. We all know how much money you can wrap up in one of these things. Still there is a part of me that is saying if I can get out of it and in a new one at near even money maybe I should. Maybe I'm just tired of waiting and watching everyone else enjoy thier cars. It's probably a stretch anyway to think I could get enough money out of my project Boss to cover a 2013. Thoughts?


Here are some project pics:

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That is a tough call. Your best course of action is to be honest with yourself on how soon your '70 will be complete. Then ask yourself if you are willing to invest that much time to see it through.


There was a recent episode of Legendary Muscle Cars where a gentlemen was able to track down his BOSS 302 which he hadn't seen in something like 25yrs. The owner of the car was willing to sell it back to him for the price of a '12 BOSS 302 LS, or at least that what the story lead me to believe. Point being, the '70 BOSS 302 while complete and in one peice was in desperate need of a restoration. So, you may not be too far off in the price for your BOSS and a new BOSS if you choose that path.


Good luck, and keep us posted on what you choose.

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I am an old school kind of guy. My 65 is my DD, so this might make me Bias. If you have a numbers matching Boss, I say break your knuckles, tough it out and finish it yourself. I always said that if I had a choice to trade my 65 for a new Stang, Boss, or Shelby ( 2011 GT350 being my favorite), would I do it. My answer is no because I know that I will miss my 65 and rergret it in the long run. When the newness wares off on the newer car , I would be thinking about my old car. I already know which side of the fence my heart lays on. The 12 and13 Bosses will be around for a while and might be easier to buy in a few years. I do not think that you would have the same luck in a few years if you happen to get that old feeling back and want to replace your 70. Good luck with what ever you choose.

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