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Is that what they are called, a scrunchy?


Is that official?


Inquiring minds and all that.


Makes me wonder if this was done at SAI by one of the motor heads there.

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If you look the scrunchy or what ever it is called is on the end of the Vaccume tube then when he sucks her hair in he slides it on to her hair.



Yep......I just saw that. Now I know why the person about knocks Her out............. :hysterical:

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As a Dad of 3 girls I can verify that it is called a scrunchy. ;)

And why the heck didn't I come up with that idea when I had to get the kids ready for school.



Because once your Wife saw that you had the Vacume out you KNOW she would tell you "As long as you have it out, you might as well Vacume the House"........... :hysterical2:

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Nope, scrunchy is correct termology...having 2 daughters...I know



Yep...And a wife, and sisters, and nieces, and granddaughters, and female friends, and.....


You get the picture.




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