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Passenger Side Rear End Noise While Cornering

G8R Chomp

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While corning onto an incline, as one would do when going from a flat road surface to a driveway, I get a noise from the right rear side that sounds a bit like sheet metal flexing. As I enter the turn, I hear the first 'flex', and when I exit the turn I hear the same 'flex'. The first sounds like sheet metal warping and the second sounds like the same sheet metal returning to its 'normal' position. My impression is that it's my exhaust pipe flexing with the change in surface pitch.


It only occurs on the right side and only when I'm going up the incline while turning right (or going down the incline turning left). I've jacked up the car, both by the axle and by the frame and check to see if everything is tight. I can't seem to pin it down. Of course,while on jacks, I can't duplicate the stresses of a 4000 lb car in motion.


Everything on the car is stock. The Ford mechanic can confirm the noise, but can't find the cause. He says everything is tight underneath. He thinks it's body flex and normal. We checked the pipes, shocks, sway, panhard, LCA, and axle. I've had this issue for about 3 years now. It hasn't gotten any worse or better.


Any ideas?

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I had a noise coming from my rear end when cornering slowly, but in both directions. Turned out to be the friction discs in my LSD went bad from being stored for too long without being driven. Guess they dried out and the then first time they engaged it wiped all the friction material off. Ford replaced them under warranty and no more noise!

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What the hell has your passenger been eating to make that kind of noise from the rear?



HA! That's what I ask whenever I have someone in the car and I take that turn. The ladies don't think it's very funny, tho.


I've had diffy noise from the friction plates on past cars. It doesn't really sound like that. But since I'm kinda at a loss, I will take a look at it. It's due for a fluid change anyway. Can't hurt.


Thanks for the suggestions.

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