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2014 Shelby


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OK folks, I saw the Ford release form for the '14 Shelby, so I took a $1000 deposit to Ford today expecting for them to tell me that I can't order it yet. Guess what, the order banks are open for the '14. I thought that was odd but was happy to see that the order went through! Has anybody else done this? I have a '13 but want a '14 because this is going to be the last year for this body style and who knows what the '15 is going to look like and word on the street is, there will not be a Shelby for '15. I have the vehicle order form in my hands. $65,945 sans the Recaro's and the glass roof. I am not a big Recaro fan but to each his own! Also who knows what the hp is going to be for the '15 but I doubt it will be more than we have now! denohew

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I placed my 2014 order last Friday, and at well under MSRP...


Jazzed to be able to get one of the last S197 monsters!



So Jim will we see the 2014 at the next "Snakes at the Lake" next year? Probably too soon then? What color are you getting?

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