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Slow hand on the new 5.0 ...

Frank S

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Still quite a way under a thousand miles, but every one of them a sip of joy.


I have resuscitated this old classic personalized plate from 1972. Just waiting for the DMV stickers to make it legal. It has been on a Non-op MGB GT for more than twenty years. The "TRLNGWA" white plates are now on the Non-op, which waits patiently for restoration or lightning strike, the latter more likely at present.



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If I was going to take the car to the strip on a regular basis, I'd have an auto!


But - I like downshifting into a turn!



Actually Ruff, the new sport shift in manual mode is kind of fun in the turns, as while you're braking you can downshift manually and it rev-matches. Sounds cool!

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