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Motortrend article bashes the brake performance - again!

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I was just reading the latest (November) Motortrend article where they rate the top 9 driver cars. The 2013 GT500 comes in at #7 but the pretty much slam the car as far as braking performance, making it sound like they are so bad they are dangerous.


I'm new to Motortrend, but are they just slanted GM fanboys or is there a real concern here? If I recall correctly, they picked the ZL1 over the GT500 a few months ago, slamming the brakes then too. But, from the price as tested, it did not appear that they had the SVT performance package or track package on the one they tested - but i'm not sure.



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Only danger I've noticed on my car thus far is that it'll shut it down so quick that anything behind me may very well rear-end me.


I mitigate that danger by vigorous application of the right pedal to ensure that no one is very close behind me if I need to brake suddenly. ;)

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Found this video also - pretty impressive - so much for "brake fade".






Like I've said on here many times..what you read in mags or see on youtube most of the time is BS...you have to own and try it yourself


then you know exactly how it is...

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That is right, but often you realize that not all that is written is wrong :) !!!





No not all I'm sure!! but when it comes to comparing cars and car reviews it don't carry any weight with me at all..the owners of the 013


GT500's that drive them everyday are the ones that know...I drove one about a month ago and the brakes felt fine..now I wasn't on a track


but did do some spirited sprints then slowed down real fast as to not get caught by the law and they worked just fine.

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Was this the article that, when all was said and done, by their own timing, the GT 500 beat the ZL1 back to the line by 60 feet and they still picked the ZL1?????



From all the articles I recall reading the '13 bested the ZL1 in every performance category when striped down to pure numbers. The difference is the ZL1 didn't scare the poop out of anyone and that's what won over the mags. GM made it clear that the ZL1 was specifically focused to live on a track was specifically given the tech to do so. Ford never made any such claim. Being track focused doesn't mean the ZL1 is bad on the street, and the fact that Ford did not boast about the '13's track capabilities doesn't mean it's a bad track car.


$300 worth of brake pads and brake cooling and all the brake concerns will be forgotten.


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