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How to make the pic in my signature not so...HUGE

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Hey folks. The pic in my signature shows up pretty HUGE. I've tried using a photo-editor to make it smaller then uploading it again, and again. But that did not seem to do the trick.


I'm adding a pic of my Shelby by clicking on the "Image" icon on the bottom row, then selecting the URL for a pic in my photo gallary after trying a few other methods. Might there be a better way, or might there be some HTML code to put as part of the HTML string that points to my pic that might make it a bit smaller? It's a bit obnoxiously big at the moment.


Thanks much all!

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I would like to say that I appreciate efforts to reduce the size of this overhead. With the demise of unlimited data these pictures add nothing. I've seen them all 500 times (or in some cases, 15000, or however many posts you have). We now pay to download these each and every time when connected to the cellular network.

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+1......................great picture of your Shelby.



Thanks much!


Now if there was just a way to keep it from raining, or there being any dirt/dust in the air after a day's worth of work to get it with a glass-like shine

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