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This is NOT Political, just so FUNNY I had to share...........


I saw a Commercial Yesterday for ZzzQuil. It is a Sleep Aide by NyQuil and since I don't Sleep, I decided to try it. So, while at a Cruise In tonight, I walked over to a Store and bought a Bottle of it. Reading the Directions / Warnings on the Bottle, I busted out laughing.


This is something that is supposed to make you SLEEPY. Let me say that again........THIS STUFF IS SUPPOSED TO MAKE YOU SLEEPY! Remember that while you read this. A 12 Ounce Can of regular basic Beer has about 5 to 8 percent Alcohol in it. This is a 6 Ounce Bottle and it has TEN PERCENT Alcohol, thats HALF the size of a Can of Beer and MORE Alcohol. Remember that to while reading this. The Red is "The Warning when using this Product" and the Blue is MY comments. "You Know the Government was Involved" with Warnings like these on the Label.


<01> Avoid Alcoholic Beverages. HELLOOOOOO, it IS an Alcoholic Beverage (10% Alcohol).

<02> Drowsiness will occur. HELLOOOOOO, Thats whats SUPPOSED to happen.

<03> Be Careful when Drivining a Motor Vehicle. WHAT? Dont you mean "DON'T DRIVE A MOTOR VEHICLE"?

I just had to share this. If you have some "You Know the Government was Involved" stories, post them here.

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