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Viable Option to the Deep Draw Hood?

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Nice find, nice price....Wonder how the quality is, if someone decides to pull the trigger on this please follow up.




Would also like to know what kind of clearance it would have to fit the different strut braces. Hopefully someone pulls the trigger to let us all know

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It certainly looks like the CS6/Hertz hood and they show GT-H pictures as a reference. Like Blown Away said the Hertz hoods are not functional and have a fake plastic grill and are solid. I'd like to see some underside pics and some close ups of the grill area to see how it functions.

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As stated, looking for deep draw, this may work. Someone pull the trigger and post !


I contatced the company and they said they would send some pictures of the underside etc.



As of today, no email with pictures.

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the draw in the hood pictured looks to shallow to clear a whipple.

This "looks" like the original CS6/GTH hood, 1st version.


the second casting, labeled "med draw hood" that clears the whipple is pictured below.

glad I pounced when I did....considering I was waiting over 3 years!



So it is official that your hood will never be offered again?




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