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Can anyone tell me what I did here??

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Nice!! How much work is involved?



+1. I've wondered about doing the same and I cannot image it would require much. I have a BOSS splitter (not the Laguna version) in the garage waiting for my attempt to incorporate it with the SGT bumper cover.


APR make a CF version for the '05-'09 but they want a cool $760 for the set.


And TruCarbon has a set for $400.





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Test fit. Red lights shows what needs to be cut for them to fit.




Can easily be done with tape to mark your cut and a plain old razor blade. Take your time. I then used a file to make the edges look nice.




Then the top hole in the wheel well needs to be honed upwards a little to get the push pin into place, and it then snaps into place perfect.


Then you are left with something that should look like this.






Sorry the bottom pic is a little dark. The gap between the skirt and fender does not go away 100% but the fit is 95% and the chance is well worth the 5%. I think if I ever decide to get them painted, I will have that edge changed to make a perfect fit against the fender, but IMHO is look soooooo good just the way it is.

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