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Whipple + Upper Tower Strut Bar

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I recently took ownership of a 2008 Shelby GT, that already has a Ford Racing Whipple on it, with the super snake hood, and I would like to complete the look and also place an upper tower strut bar on it. Does anyone have this application, or know if the Shelby one, for super chargers, would also fit my application with out any additioanl modifications needed?


Thanks Peter

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Jason is spot on with this one. This topic has been discussed more times than I can remember. Your only hope is that the SS hood will somehow allow it. I have not seen a SGT with that hood on it, let alone with with Whipple under it, so have no data on it. Do you still have the original SGT strut brace that came from the factory with the car? If Shelby put the Whipple on, they would have returned it to the original owner in the trunk.


On another note, make sure you get in touch with the Registry to let them know your car now has a new home with you. Enjoy.



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Guys, thank you so far for all the information and I will post something for this if we find a work around. I heard of the lowering the engine solution, but really don't want to mess with that one, and Jim, no worries, that was the first thing I did when I got the title and paperwork. The guy I bought it from did not have any of the old parts, so I am not sure, but I have a good group of friends, and I am sure we will figure something out...


Thanks again, Peter

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Soon to come, we are already dressing up a couple of things, and putting back the correct badges and things. The original owner tried to make it a super snake, and took off all the one of a kind emblems and things. He added the SS fiberglass hood, but never added the window spray nozzle relocators, so you can imagine. But the pic's will be up very shortly....


But thank you for the welcome!!!

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