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Facebook Parenting: For the Troubled Teen

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Saw this video on youtube and I was a bit curious about it. I didn't know that it would unravel into such of a popular video.


This guy I believe goes over the top at the end, but after what you hear what this guy's kid wrote as their Facebook status, you would probably be just as angry.


I have been on TS and Facebook for about four years now. Yes I have my ups and my downs as some have noticed (I have cleaned up my act since), and I understand with some of you parents out there too that have kids that block you from Facebook, but I would NEVER go and say something on a website like what this guy's kid said. You post it, it's in the system and is there PERMENANTLY! Even if you edit something or delete it, the writing is still there in cyber space.


Here's the video of this parent's reponce on what their kid wrote as their facebook status.


Also be aware it is NSFW for language


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Better yet, stay off Facebook altogether. I have yet to hear a truly valuable reason for being on there, particulary with all the security and privacy issues it has.. I asked the wife to remove any photos of myself and the daughters from her account (there is a reason I don't post any photos to TS other than my SGT, part of which is I'm an ungly SOB). Hoping I can keep my girls off of sites like FB once they are old enough to use the internet.


Another note specific to this Father's actions; I can completely understand his anger but taking this to the net is dropping to his daughter's level of maturity. If this had been one of my girls all anyone would have notice is that she had completely disappeared from the net.

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